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20 Comments Multiple Table Inheritance in Rails 3

    1. buy neurontin buy neurontin uk

      Hello Thomas. It is good to hear that you have started building a gem over this idea! Consider though that you may not want to delegate all the attributes of the parent Model (it is good to have an :except => [:attr_1, :attr_2] option in your acts_as_predecessor method).

  1. buy neurontin cod buy neurontin overnight delivery


    I recently forked a promising gem to implement multiple table inheritance and class inheritance in Rails. I have spent a few days subjecting it to rapid development, fixes, commenting and documentation and have re-released it as CITIER Class Inheritance and Table Inheritance Embeddings for Rails.

    Consider giving it a look: buy neurontin online overnight

    Has a really clean usage and seems really nice so far, really pleased with it :)

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  3. Jonathan where to buy neurontin

    I’m getting /home/user/myapp/config/initializers/dets_init.rb:1:in `’: uninitialized constant Dets (NameError)

    Where do you place the module file in lib, I also have assets and tasks in there. But I put it in just lib/. I tried putting it into assets no difference.

  4. Scott Brickner buy gabapentin online overnight uk

    One major problem I see with this is that other tables can’t effectively refer to a “Business”.

    class Receipt < ActiveRecord::Base
    belongs_to :business
    end … ?

    The Business instance doesn't know which table it should use to find the rest of the instance data.

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  7. Scott W order gabapentin online uk

    Thank you very much for this discussion and code, Gerry. It was extremely useful for me, and I now have Class Table Inheritance up and running. I’m somewhat surprised that this isn’t supported directly in the Rails core.

    The need to call self.super_class.attribute to set and get isn’t quite true polymorphism, but that can be hacked into sub-classes easily enough.

    attribute() self.super_class.attribute; end
    attribute=(val) self.super_class = val; end

    Not perfect, but decent.

  8. Ant buy gabapentin online from usa

    Hi, it works great and it solves the table per class wonderfully. I have a question though.
    If i pick a record from the db like this: Restaurant.all.first it works great and I can access to Business related attributes.
    If i pick a record from the db like this:
    Business.all.first I don’t get the related “restaurant” eager loaded attrubutes.

    I guess it’s because that’s the way polymorphism works in activerecord… anyway is there any way to achieve this behavior?

  9. joaoCunha buy gabapentin cod

    But after all that and I want a form to create a Restaurant how do i do it?

    I’m a bit confused.

    In the controller do i do or I’m confused

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